Deus Ex’ Stunning Trailer for Human Revolution

by Socrates on September 18, 2010

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Last Friday I posted a 2009 TED presentation by Juan Enriquez called Homo Evolutis is the Ultimate Reboot.

The videos below are 2 trailers for the new Deus Ex: Human Revolution video game.

While none of the clips was a part of Juan’s presentation I thought that they could have been a stunning visual representation of at least one scenario of what The Ultimate Reboot may turn out to look like.

You may say that this is nothing more but a fictitious trailer for a violent sci fi video game but, more-or-less, this is what others have said about their contemporary science fiction (such as Jules Verne). In time, what was crazy science fiction once has often become reality later.

So, what do you think?

What are the odds of those clips becoming reality?

Will technology replace biology?

  • Eric Kalki

    Hi, …. every technology in these trailers already exists…Are you aware of this?Apart from the quantum invisibility cloak (that is not that big at this time)…

  • Socrates

    You are right Eric,
    Much of this technology exists today albeit in a very crude experimental stage of development, not as fine-tuned as the video shows. But, I guess, by 2030 we have lot’s of time to get it all dialed in…

  • Eric Kalki

    Singularity is now.I live in France, and my country (finally) decided to enter in the AI world battle.My guess : I ‘d like to know Google’s last card in that game.Things must change : for peace, people ( and the middle class ) are more and more angry : and clearly the problem is not the economy : but our mode of thinking !For the peace, I think we shall breake totally the “work = salary” rules in ours societies : the society is a contract : people must live even if everything is done with robots and ai : or this is civil war ( and I am not sure who will be the winner : so I hope the elite will choose peace SOON).

  • Socrates

    Hi Eric,I also hope that peace prevails but it is a matter of fact that we do live in interesting and turbulent times and with the exponential growth in technology our ability to do both good and evil is expanding likewise. Furthermore, one of the main things about technology is that it both democratizes and decentralizes power, which is another way of saying that it undermines the old elites and brings in more anarchy into the equation of our social contract. Thus, while on the hand I am an optimist, on the other hand I believe that the big changes that are coming are unlikely to happen without any violence at all. I hope as little as possible but how much exactly is to be seen…

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