bionic tripod

Festo’s Industrial Automation Robots: Design Inspired by Nature

by Socrates

Pablo Picasso once said: “Good artists copy, great artists steal!” Well, if that is true, then, Festo certainly must fit within the group of great-artist engineering companies for they truly know how to steal from nature. Festo’s “Inspired by Nature” series of air and aqua robots look both graceful and surreal while accomplishing such a hard thing — making man-made objects look as if they were made by nature — look so easy. The first 3 videos bellow are from the bionic learning network series of Festo short docs which explains the inspiration behind each design, its development and its industrial application in factory and process automation. The videos go through the features of the fluidic muscle, the aqua and air ray, the air fish, the air and aqua penguin, the bionic tripod, the interactive wall, the elephant trunk, the [...]

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