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Mind Reading, Thought Control and Neuro Marketing: Is “the Lord of the World” still science fiction?

September 18, 2010

Is there any “science fiction” left? Or is it all just “science” in its different stages of development? It seems to me that most of the 20th century science fiction is already either a hard reality or in the process of development. (Just think about the advances in air and space travel, computers, the internet, genetic engineering etc) For example, when I was in my early teens I fell in love with what was then science fiction. Growing up in a communist country, behind the thick drapes of the Iron Curtain, one of the first sci fi authors that I read was naturally Alexander Belyayev. In Bulgaria Belyayev was well known for his novel Amphibian Man (1928) but also for Professor Dowell’s Head (1925), the Island of Crushed Ships and the Lord of the World (1942). In his the Lord [...]

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Best of Singularity Blog

December 31, 2009

Even though it has been only a bit more than a month since the beginning of this blog I am happy to note that there is already a tight group of people who have subscribed to my feed and continue to come back and read my posts on a regular basis. I want to take this opportunity to do 2 things: First and foremost I want to thank you all for the generous gift of your interest, your time and your moral support. I cherish those dearly and promise to do my best to provide you with more interesting, more relevant and better written singularity content during the new 2010. In the end, without you — my readers, both the Singularity Weblog and the Singularity Symposium website will be not only pointless but will cease to exist. It is your [...]

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