computer-brain interface

Thought Controlled Mouse Cursor: Direct Brain-Computer Interface

February 24, 2010

The computer user interface has been one of the slowest to evolve and typewriter-style of keyboard and mouse devices are still the norm. It has been only in the last 5 years or so that we have seen the introduction and growing success of touch-screen and voice-controlled devices becoming widely available to the public. In the lab  researchers have been working steadily on the ultimate UI — direct brain-computer interface. This video demonstrates two-dimensional cursor control using a direct brain-computer interface in humans who have electrodes implanted on the surface of their brain. Some potential applications include but are not limited to assisting people with severe disabilities in prosthetic limb or wheelchair control, or specific brain-tissue rehabilitation of particular parts of the brain. Related articles by Zemanta Is the ‘Avatar’ concept really possible? ( Brain-Computer Interface Allows Person-to-person Communication Through [...]

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