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After spending a few years trying to quench his thirst for wisdom this particular Socrates developed a keen awareness that the body of his knowledge is always going to be dwarfed by the body of his ignorance. Thus this Web Site is and will always remain to be an open and collaborative work in progress, and Socrates is and will remain to be a student and a host, rather than a teacher or an owner.

Given the above realization Socrates decided to host a digital Symposium where everyone can come and share their knowledge on the profound belief that an open and free pooling of information makes knowledge grow because there are always more smart people outside any specific group than inside it. Thus Socrates hopes that SingularitySymposium.com will evolve to be a global, self-organizing and open-source community of people who come together with the shared goal of questioning, analyzing, debating and shaping the Technological Singularity.

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In any case: WELCOME FRIEND!

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