What is Site Build It?

Site Build It (aka SBI) allows me to do WHAT I LOVE doing while giving me the FREEDOM to chose WHEN I WANT to do it.

If you like Singularity Symposium and want to find out how, without any previous web-design training or programing experience, an ancient philosopher named Socrates managed to build this site, please

Watching the videos may well be YOUR FIRST STEP TOWARDS FREEDOM so don't miss this opportunity and have fun.

SBI has proven to me that building a Web Site can be fun and even start making you money.

SBI works! And, right now, you are the proof. (I mean, if it didn't work you wouldn't be at this web page reading this text after all, right?!)

I know of no other start-your-own e-business service that over-delivers like SBI. And they really do have the record to prove it.

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Still not sure? Do you want to see what happened to other people who took the leap and gave SBI a chance?

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If you still hesitate -- DON'T.

You can try it RISK FREE.

Just consider: If an ancient philosopher can do it -- YOU CAN do it too. Given enough Brain and Motivation ANYONE CAN.

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