Good, Bad, Weird

by Khannea Suntzu

The Singularity, as defined above, is an unknown unknown. That means this whole thing is a random event. In the future there is a point, which statistically may be close in the future (2025?) or it may be remote (2150?) or it might not even happen. Singularities might not be possible. Or something might intervene. Or they may be very subtle and we might not even notice. Or we might wreck our industrial societies before an actual Singularity and be left with a global collapse worse than a global auschwitz, for hundreds of years.

My personal guesstimate is 2035 or so, and 'pretty likely'.

The big question then, 'is there a range of good Singularities and Bad singularities, where bad ones imply that people will suffer and/or die in large amounts. Worst singularity would be the majority dying, and a small remainder living as neural-slaves, knowing that the age of humanity is over and the terrestrial life has been reduced to the equivalency of a placenta.

My question is "Is there such a thing such as a 'morphology' of technological singularities? If we could timetravel and create 1000 different earths with varied preconditions would we end up with a thousand distinctly different Singularities?

Question is - what can we as a species do to make sure we get the best Singularity.

Why? Watch the movie Melancholia. I don't want to be alive one day and stare upwards and witness the uncaring annihilation of all that has any significance in this cosmos roll towards me.

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