Imitating a Human

by Darcy

I think that computers will never be able to have artificial intelligence similar or better than a human. Since humans wrote the ai all the coputer can do is follow the instructions therefore it will never be smarter than us. Every time a computer acts it is because it has been instructed to. Humans however, can think for them selves.

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by: Khannea


by: Thomas Fledrich

Humans are programmed by humans. The programming has improved throughout history. Without the programming a human is just a hairless monkey.

by: Anonymous

Check out the next issue of philosophyNow - issue 97
It should be out soon. It talks about the impossibility of Ai and gives a couple of ways that it cannot be achieved.


AI Self-Improvement
by: Xero

A human has a rudimentary set of 'apps' that we learn to access and use as we grow. As we learn more, we learn to fine-tune these apps. However there is a limit to how far we can fine-tune them without changing our bodies... We can become stronger, faster, more precise, more intelligent (to an extent), and just all-around better. Part of our programming is the ability to program ourselves... If we cannot increase our own abilities, we are able to imagine a tool, and then make the tool.
When we get to an AI singularity, it should have those same abilities... As it learns, it will improve itself, just as we do. But because we already have a pretty firm grip on tech, they'll be able to advance at a much faster rate than humans.

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