Quantum brain reflected in the existential life

by Dramos Kalapodas
(New York, NY - USA)

Max Moore is a realistic interpreter of the Singularity theory. Simply put, it is the common sense and the human need to improve itself or perish slowly at the mercy of the natural chaos principle.
Why bring quantum physics in this concept of Singularity? Because, our very existence is powered-up by the brain capacity to perceive and to create our own relative and subjective principles of survival and for some, pushing into a desperate appeal to Singularity as a unique solution. Successful or not, it is the brain that tricks us in building a relative sense of physical comfort. As everything in this Universe is cyclic, it is just unfeasible to comprehend or accept the principles of Singularity as being unique and technologically determined.
Thus, again, the brain does it, from the mathematical concepts we create to the extra-sensory perception we encounter in our lives.
More likely the brain tendency to reach a more energy efficient solution by simplification, leads to abstract thinking and hence, a mathematical interpretation of the environment. Thus, we didn't invent anything that the brain didn't create first, e.g., talking about addition, geometry, algebra, differential and integral calculus and finally the quantum theory, which are all native residents in our brain and if lucky, we pull them out one at the time.
Is Quantum theory finally a product of Singularity, where the particle Entanglement and simultaneity properties seem to become the very fundamental and unique forms of matter interaction influencing the world around us? By my encountered experiences, NOT, but is worth considering it.

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