Synaptic Sinfulness

by Ron Heller
(Lakeland, FL. USA)

If you were to live 3 billion seconds (approx. 95 years) your synapses would total more than the grains of rice exponentially totaled on a chess board.

Scientists tell us that the 100 billion neurons we are born with are pruned to 82 billion by 2 years of age. Each of these neurons fires and reloads neuro transmitters, neuro receptors and modulators every 1/1000 of a second; every second of our life. THUS...

82 billion times 1,000 = 82,000,000,000,000,000 times 3 billion = 246 billion,trillion synapses in an average 95 year old person.........
246,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. However, every puzzle or difficult question to answer uses up a... flaucinaucinihilipilification of synapses. Thus this singularity determination has cost me the next 13 years of my synapses.

This is presented by an 82 year old who loves numbers and words.

Ron Heller, author of 10 books including..."THE MOST ASTONISHING LIFE EVERY LIVED"

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