The future will be more of the same

by D'Lessismore

While we already have these improved features now,nothing but to add more cosmetic effects to today's world, the above content is hardly newsworthy.The are questions, though to consider- Will we continue to have crumbling cities like Detroit, New York,etc.? will there be even more homeless and hungry in the urban areas? Will the rich and politically powerful few continue to wield control and the purse strings, so that the many poor and hungry men, women and children suffer?
Will things will go well 50 years from now? For some maybe, but will it for the vast majority? Will the next 50 years look like the last?Look at the past 50 years and we are still flaying about...fighting all kinds of wars,border wars,sea-ocean hostilities, mine not yours, and while increasingly using up earth's resources - water, oceans, animals, plant life, and air.While there are today some great successes, we can't seem to solve the most troubling and serious problems of humanity.
Enough said... so there may be something may be coming; we don't know what it is. Will it be the big one?? you know the one thing that will reset life or be a total lifeout it as we know it..only those alive then will find out.

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