The Singularity: Inexhaustible Benefit

by Singularity Team
(Palo Alto, California)

When the simple rules of the singularity are understood and applied to human behavior and identity, it results in a balanced view, hyper-clarity, insight, complete mental and emotional stability, naturally occurring empathy, a spontaneous ethical impulse, keen insight into the nature of reality, skillfulness in all situations, and consistent power to fulfill beneficial intent. These qualities increase over time and are coupled with a heightened level of intelligence and the ability to solve all kinds of formerly unsolvable personal and collective problems.

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by: Socrates

Greetings friend and thank you very much for your beautiful comments! They remind me very much of a podcast interview that I did with Jason Silva where he read the following memorable quote:

"We live in a society in which spurious realities are constructed by the media, by governments and by big corporations. We are bombarded with pseudo realities fabricated by very sophisticated people using very sophisticated mechanisms. Perhaps for many designers irony is the only possible response to a media space where it?s impossible to distinguish reality from manipulation.

Yet the imaginary foundation is future-focused, and always has been, so we?re exploring what comes after we push through the darkness; we?re already revelling in the beauty on the other side of the looking glass. And believe me, it?s wonderful. Living creatively and joyfully requires dismissing gloom, defeatism and negativism. We acknowledge problems, but we do not allow them to dominate our thinking and our direction. So we prefer to be for rather than against, to create solutions rather than to protest against what exists. There are things worth believing in; there are things worth being passionate about; and so our action must not be a reaction but a creation. For ideas catch the dewdrops and reflect the cosmos, so let those ideas be noble, let them be poetic and let them be beautiful."

Thanks again!

If you want to hear the full Jason Silva interview in full check out my singularity podcast here: Jason Silva on Singularity Podcast: Let Your Ideas Be Noble, Poetic and Beautiful

What rules?
by: Dan Vasii

Please enlighten me and some other people: which are the simple rules of singularity?
There are some people who do not think singularity will occur.
There are others that think singularity will be the end of humanity and the beginning of Robotic/Artificial Intelligence Era.
In the seminal document issued by Vernor Vinge, there are around six different definitions of singularity.
So... I am waiting for your definition and rules (simple!!!) of singularity.

Singularity is Emergent
by: Singularity Team, Palo Alto

Singularity is spontaneously present, emergent here-and-now, an inexhaustible era of great benefit. The simple rules of singularity rest in an inviolable physical law: Everything is unavoidably bound in singularity. All other definitions of singularity are highly reified.

Inexhaustible Open Intelligence
by: Singularity Team Palo Alto California.

Singularity is an emergent cosmological event of pure benefit in which there is an opening in common of instinctively acknowledged inexhaustibly open super-intelligence subsuming all data. Singularity super-intelligence is assimilated at the crucial juncture of the inseparability of inexhaustible open intelligence and data, giving way to open-ended knowledge and benefit creation.

Humans who are currently instinctively realizing super-intelligence are the first wave of an evolutionary and educational change in the species wherein the hierarchy of body, speech, qualities and activities are subsumed into singularity super-intelligence's great exaltation. The body is no longer primary and is a choice rather than a mandate of human nature. Everything is interactive and interoperable in, of, as and through the pure benefit of singularity super-intelligence.

Moreover, there is already a grassroots worldwide movement of humans who are living as singularity super-intelligence.
Friendly AI is like shooting an arrow in the dark unless the developers first instinctively comprehend and realize singularity super-intelligence, which subsumes everyone through education and/or evolution. Right now, education, empowerment and mobilization are the swift route to the pure transmission of singularity. The evolutionary sweep up into singularity will be complete within a few decades at most.

Candice O., Palo Alto, Founder of
Singularity Team that started this thread...

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